Updated Beautiful Web Type

An on-going project to document the very best open-source typefaces. A completely new version was released in Oct 2018. Jan 2012–present

Varieties of (Self) Transcendence

A presentation of my research into self-transcendence, told through a collection of text, images and video. Aug 2018–present


Comprehensive guide to player attributes in the original Tecmo Super Bowl for NES. Mar 2013–present


Variously described as “Kindle highlight for the web” and “Pinterest for words.” Co-created with Kevin Albrecht. Oct 2014–Jul 2017 (Acquired)


Trustless publishing platform using PGP-signed messages. Created with Mike Burns. This video shows a brief overview of the project. Aug 2014–Sep 2016


Allows users to distribute PGP-signed photos via mesh network. Created with Mike Burns and Rebecca Meritz during a hackathon on Ekskäret. Apr 2014


Starter kit for Ruby on Rails-based e-commerce sites. Co-created with Ben Orenstein. Feb 2012–Nov 2012


Analytics and monitoring for Redis instances. Led interface design as part of a team at thoughtbot. May 2011–Feb 2012 (Acquired)


SMS-based blind dating service. Winner of Best Use of Real-time Communications in the 2010 Rails Rumble. Oct 2010