I’m an independent designer, developer & writer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

New Don’t get a job, get to work

A collection of essays, books, quotes and links on the theme of finding meaning in your work. Nov 2018–present

Updated Beautiful Web Type

An on-going project aimed at creating the definitive guide to open-source type. Jan 2012–present


A presentation of my research into self-transcendence, told through fragments of text, images and video. Aug 2018–present

My journey out of the startup world

After more than a decade working with tech companies, I no longer believe in the startup dream. 21 Oct 2018

What happened to ebook innovation?

Due to pervasive DRM and closed ecosystems dominated by Amazon and Apple, the possibilities of ebooks are nowhere near fully realized. 26 Aug 2018

Designing self-sustaining systems

Technology and design both share a concern for creating solutions to problems. What causes them to diverge is a matter of ethics. 14 Dec 2015

Power to the People: Mastering Human-Centered Design

Lesson created for Hackdesign on the importance of human-centered design practices.

Interview with produktbezogen

I talk about my start in product and design, what I look for in product designers, and my time at Klarna.