Chad Mazzola

I’m an independent digital product builder living in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • UpdatedBeautiful Web Type

    An on-going project aimed at creating a definitive guide to open-source type.

    Jan 2012–present

  • NewSelf-transcendence

    A presentation of my research into the concept of self-transcendence, told through fragments of text, images and video.

    Aug 2018–present

  • TecmoGeek

    Comprehensive guide to player attributes in the original Tecmo Super Bowl for NES.

    Mar 2013–present


  • Designing self-sustaining systems

    Technology and design both share a concern for creating solutions to problems. What causes them to diverge is a matter of ethics. — 14 Dec 2015

  • Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect

    Wabi-sabi can be summarized as the acknowledgement of three simple realities: “nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” — 03 Nov 2013

  • Creative work cannot be managed

    Traditional management strategies are useless for problems that require creative thinking. And almost every job that has meaning for the future of humanity requires creative thinking. — 29 May 2013

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