Consciousness & (Self) Transcendence

Consciousness is a fascinating, wide-raging area of study, but also a frustrating one. We don’t really understand what it is, who or what has it, or whether it’s a property of brains or something more fundamental to the nature of reality. I’ve been considering various aspects of consciousness, from free will to psychedelic therapy.

Meaningful Work

A modern career is supposed to be more than just a way of earning money. It’s something you should feel ‘passionate’ about. Despite this, many still struggle with jobs and careers that seem at odds to their idea of the good life. What’s to be done? My mission is captured in this motto: ‘Don’t get a job, get to work.’

Open-Source & Peer-to-Peer Software

Billions of people now rely on technology from just a small group of companies. As our lives become increasingly dependent on digital tools, we must re-examine our relationship to them. I’m interested in helping to build a diverse ecosystem of software and services that puts control back in the hands of users.