About me

I’ve worked as a designer, product manager, and executive at technology companies in both the US and Sweden.

Over the past several years I’ve focused on several broad areas of interest which intersect at a number of points. First, I’ve been learning about the nature of consciousness and inner experience and how it shapes our most fundamental beliefs. Second, I’ve looked at the future of work, from the rise of remote jobs to skepticism about the very idea of work. Lastly, I’ve investigated how open-source and peer-to-peer software can help create a more humane digital landscape.

I hold a B.A. in Philosophy from Hampshire College and am a dual citizen of the US and Sweden. I currently live in Stockholm.


In this interview, I talk about my start in product and design, what I look for in designers, and my time at Klarna.

I created a lesson for Hack Design about the importance of human-centered design.

About this site

This site is built using Gatsby. The main typeface used throughout is FiraGO and the headlines are set in Messapia.


Consciousness & (Self) Transcendence

We are enveloped in a world of inner experience that shades every perception and thought we have. However, our understanding of consciousness is still in its infancy. I am exploring the work of neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers, and artists to gain insight into the phenomenology of human experience.

Meaningful Work

Paid labor has always demanded a large share of energy and time from those in its grasp. However, a modern career is now supposed to be more than just a way of earning money; it should also supply meaning. Despite this, many people find themselves in jobs that fail miserably on this count. My mission is captured in this motto: ‘Don’t get a job, get to work.’

Open-Source & Peer-to-Peer Software

Billions of people now rely on technology from just a small group of companies. As our lives become increasingly dependent on digital tools, we must re-examine our relationship to them. I’m interested in helping to build a diverse ecosystem of software and services that puts control back in the hands of users.